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What People Are Saying About The John Martins

John & Dody Martin have been my friends for over 35 years. During those years they have ministered effectively in every church I have pastored. Their love for Christ is revealed in every song they sing and all that they share. They have always been sensitive to the ministry of Pastors and their churches with the focus on being a help to the local church and not promoting another agenda. Their deep involvement in World Vision speaks to the heart of Christ for the lost and the least.

Rev. John P. Worrall
Mt. Wolf Community Church (SBC)
Mt. Wolf, PA

I have had the privilege of hosting The John Martins at two different churches I have pastored. They have always been very professional, extremely talented and sincerely committed to spreading the good news of our Savior through music. I highly recommend them.

Pastor Jay Witham
Cambridge, NY


I first came in contact with The John Martins in 1986. I had just graduated from Seminary and was accepted on staff at a church in upstate New York. They ministered in the church three weeks after I went there and I was impressed.

Through the years, I have maintained some contact with them. They have ministered in the church I now pastor in western PA and at our local church camp. I also have gone to see them when they have been at other churches in the area.

I have always found The John Martins family to have servant’s hearts, a Christ-centered message, and uplifting music. They definitely would be a plus to your church or ministry.

Rev. Kirby L. Lantz
Beaver Alliance Church
Beaver, PA


We were so glad to have you come and minister to us in music and with your invitation to help with World Vision. The singing was excellent and uplifitng spiritually. It is always a pleasure to have you come.

Pastor Don Coole
Allen Memorial Baptist Church (Conservative)
Candor, NY


I have known John and Dody Martin and their family for 20 years. They have been well received in both churches I have pastored in the past 22 years. They have not only become good friends, but they have proven themselves as faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their music is a blend of music styles that satisfy most audiences. They have remained faithful to the Scriptures in their music and doctrine. I would highly recommend the Martins as musical missionaries with a heart to minister to the hearts of God’s people.

Rev. Robert Strobel
Evangel Community Church
New Castle, PA


I know that your church(es) would be blessed by the ministry provided by this group. If you can make time in the life of your church, you will NOT be disappointed.

Rev. Donna Martin
Flemingville United Methodist Church
Flemingville, NY

Fairfield United Methodist Church
Fairfield, NY


I pastored a small Baptist church in Tioga County, N.Y. for over three years time. I remember the church had The John Martins already on the schedule to come when I first arrived there. My wife and I instantly became friends with John and Dody and have remained great friends for over 8 years now! I would highly recommend them to any church that has not experienced one of their concerts, or to any church that enjoys great music and sincere fellowship.”

Pastor Gary D. Tyler


I see a question here before I type- “What’s on your mind?” Thank you for asking, Mr. Facebook. John and Dody Martin are on my mind. We had them here in Williamsport, PA a short time ago. They are from Brooktondale, NY. They are a wonderful, wonderful couple with what I would call a healing ministry. I don’t mean the type of healing that you probably thought of when you first read that. What I mean is a ministry that heals the troubled soul, those in distress, emotional turmoil, anxiety, anguish, etc. You can put them in any situation and they will be a blessing and bring peace to that situation. They sing, like most couples on the road, and do a wonderful job of raising money to help support children through World Vision. They arrange their own music, and folks, believe me when I say their arrangements truly are beautiful. If you haven’t heard them, or had them in your church, get ready for a blessing and make arrangements for them to come your way. Their website is Dody is also here on Facebook. You can contact her here or through their website. Tell ’em I sent you and maybe I’ll get invited to dinner again when I’m up that way. Dody is a GREAT hostess, folks! 🙂

Ron Kelley
posted on Facebook at


Hi John,

I wanted to thank you again for bringing your entire family to Reach Out For Christ on the 29th of January, 2012. It was such a blessing and a real inspiration to so many of us to experience the faithful witness of your ministry. It was also neat that it was your birthday. Thank you for the World Vision video also. I heard you got a good harvest from the congregation, which shows the Lord was in it for us all!

Blessings and love,

Tom Miller
Reach Out for Christ


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you a family music ministry that is available to come to your church. John and Dody Martin are a full time ministry which travels the country. We have had them at Ithaca Baptist and are scheduling a return for this spring.

Their music is both enjoyable and uplifting. It is on the conservative side. They have ministered in churches, schools, and Bible Conferences for a long time.

If you are looking for an inspiring service, I highly recommend this talented family to your congregation. Gld bless you as you prayerfully consider this family.

Sincerely in His name,

Rev. Guy Kinney
Ithaca Baptist Church (FLBA)