The John Martins – Faithful




Faithful: A Compilation of The John Martins

Format: CD
Album year:
Featuring: John and Dody Martin, Ben Martin, Kim (Martin) Fick, Peter Martin, Debbie Martin

This recording features select songs from Cornerstone, Boundless Love, and Beyond the Open Door.

Track Listing

  1. Cornerstone
  2. Through It All
  3. God’s Wonderful People
  4. Jesus (He Is the Son of God)
  5. Boundless Love
  6. Let the Whole World Sing
  7. El Shaddai
  8. Before the Rocks Cry Out
  9. Because of Who You Are
  10. Then Came the Morning
  11. He’s Ever Interceding
  12. Unmerited Favor
  13. For All the World
  14. Kids Under Construction
  15. Keep Believing
  16. What a Savior He Is